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Overwatch Recall relaunch is a go!

Overwatch Recall returns bringing you weekly episodic releases to keep you in the know on happenings in Overwatch, Overwatch esports, and across the Overwatch podcast scene.

As I'm sure some of you are aware Overwatch Recall started as a passion project. The concept was to have a hub to shine light across Overwatch and its content creators. Since the beginning I've tried a few different iterations of Recall's podcast form and that's helped me get a better grasp on what kind of content we should be focusing on.

Needless to say with everything going on in the world around us - things haven't been easy. My mental has definitely had some bad states but I've been able to clear my head working on other podcasting projects and getting back to streaming Hearthstone Battlegrounds content.

Truth is, I haven't been engaging with the community as much as I'd like to despite the number of close relationships I've maintained since I first started creating Overwatch content over four years ago. This community has meant the world to me and I take great pride in being closely connected to many within its podcast scene.

You'll be finding Overwatch Recall on your podcast feeds again shortly with a focus on rapid news spanning the game, its competitive scene, notable happenings throughout the podcast scene, and more!

Joining me this time around is Ramses (Push The Point, OWL By The Numbers) who will be focusing on the competitive Overwatch coverage as well as conducting creator interviews. In the coming days I'll be updating the podcast directory and plan on releasing the Weekly Recall every Monday.

For any creator out there -- if you do not see your podcast listed please let me know! If you have any interest in sitting down and talking about the content you work on feel free to reach out to us.

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